Modern Red And Black Wedding Theme Ideas

11:37 PM Posted by P Tab

Red in conjunction with other colors can make a really great modern wedding theme. When choosing the complimentary colors, starker colors work best. For instance, vermillion and black, maroon and forest green, scarlet and cream. Combining colors that give a dramatic effect can really turn some heads.
After considering reception and ceremony decor, tasting cakes, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, flowers and bouquets, it may seem overwhelming to choose a wedding dress. The wedding dress is the central part of a wedding. Choosing a dress after choosing the color schemes, may not be the best option, unless you will go with a traditional white or ivory gown.
There are many benefits to choosing the dress first, one of which is that it's much easier to choose the base wedding colors, and therefore narrow down design selections. Another bonus is you never have to narrow down gown choices. If, for instance, you choose a red and white theme, you generally would search for a red or white wedding gown (or a red and white gown). However, if you find the most magnificent black gown, it won't fit in very well with a red and white theme. In this case, it might be better to switch themes to black and white or red black and white. And red black and white are perfect for a 'modern' themed wedding.
Modern themes generally have sleek and classic designs. Invitations, dresses and decorations have sharp, embellishment-free, designs. A red wedding invitation, for instance, would have classic plain black writing with a white matte backer. A delicate black ribbon would surround the envelope and invitation. These heavy contrasting colors, with simple designs, are the hallmark of a modern theme.


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